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Krystle Law

Krystle’s RMT Biography
Krystle law is an alumi of York University, Seneca College and the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy. Krystle is bilingual in both english and french and also speaks  cantonese.
Since 2010 Krystle has volunteered in multiple settings gaining significant exposure working with patients of all ages including children, and the elderly. As a result, Krystle has developed an all encompassing range of experience when it comes to hands on healing. Some of these experiences include prenatal massage , sports massage , relaxation therapeutic stress relief and rehabilitation therapeutic massage for various conditions such as fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, knee/ joint injuries, lymphatic drainage, spinal/ nerve injuries and strokes.
Krystle’s primary concern is the betterment of the lives of her patients both physically and mentally.
She gears treatments towards clients needs and concerns always respecting privacy and confidentiality while treating with a friendly, empathetic and caring demeanour.
She also encourages various methods of self care such as stretching, remedial exercise, and hydrotherapy techniques teaching clients to incorporate and add to their treatment for better and long term results.
Krystle has a passion for all things natural with regards to skin care, nutrition, aromatherapy, meditation and all other forms of natural therapy.


Krystle Law B.A , EST. , RMT.